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March 8 Schedule

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A quick whirl through the new schedule today looks good as WN beefs up some existing routes and adds DEN-DSM, MEM-ATL and more Hawaii plus some added frequencies (DEN-ATL!); but what's with the numerous 1:55am arrivals?  See DEN-MDW with 3 arrivals from midnight to 1:55am.  Can't possibly be enough people on those to pay the gas, can there?  Isn't it better to take United and Delta's approach and carpet-bomb the schedule during the day when people want to fly?


Re: March 8 Schedule

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Interesting. I am with you in that it seems strange.

It could be that SW needs the planes in a certain place first thing in the AM. It could also be that folks will do what it takes to get home; for me, if I can get a full days work in and still not have to stay a night in a hotel, I’m game. 

I would rather get home well after midnight than get up at 3:30am to make a crazy early flight. But that’s just me! :cathappy:

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