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Re: Mask non compliance

Explorer C

WHO's position is that the research is "inconclusive". Does anyone think that we should wait a couple of years for solid studies for protection that is cheap and harmless? You now have a near consensus among experts that masks should be mandated, because there's plenty of evidence it's airborne:


Oh, and Dr. Fauci admitted that they lied about the reason to not recommend masks:


"Further corroding public trust was health officials’ reversal about wearing masks. In February, they discouraged their use and told the public there was no evidence they were effective. Yet when questioned by Rep. David McKinley (R., W.Va.) on June 23, Anthony Fauci claimed the initial guidance was motivated by concerns about medical supply shortages—not doubts about mask effectiveness. No wonder many Americans don’t trust the calls to wear masks."

Re: Mask non compliance

Explorer C

I also flew from Nashville (to Philly) yesterday July 5th.


I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the lack of concern for COVID-19 measures. I was seated in row 2 so had high visibility into the flight attendants' area and subsequent actions.


1. The flight attendants set 0 example for safety as they continuously removed their masks to talk and laugh.

2. The flight attendant said "someone is sleeping without a mask, but not worth it to take them up now" about 1 minute after boarding. Is my safety and that of my fellow passengers not worth it?

3. A customer blatantly did not wear a mask the entire flight and was coughing loudly and repeatedly. Despite the flight attendants walking by multiple times and supposedly "checking" there was no mention of her lack of mask or request for her to wear one.


I felt extremely unsafe the entire flight and disappointed in the flight attendant's total disregard for mask enforcement (both for themselves and passengers). I do not feel Southwest upheld their responsibility or self-proclaimed guidelines.

Re: Mask non compliance


We truly regret if you were left feeling unsettled after traveling with us, @lr101010All Customers are required to wear a face covering but there are some exemptions to this policy. Additionally, all Employees should be wearing masks properly.


As a peer-to-peer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to Contact Customer Relations so we can follow-up with the Crew internally. 


Thank you,


Community Manager