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Re: Masks and Snacks?

Explorer C

And if the issue is dehydration or the need to take medications, the simple solution is to make it known that water is available on request.

Re: Masks and Snacks?

Aviator A

Every major airline  - not sure abut the LCCs -- is serving something, and letting passengers remove masks.


SW needs to stay competitive in the industry - thus it will serve something.


I am not aware of any virus outbreaks tied to airlines letting passengers remove masks to eat and drink ,


Are you aware of any?

Re: Masks and Snacks?

Explorer C

I am praying for food and drinks  on my SW flight to Hawaii so I'm really mot understanding why anyone would complain about it. If you are so uncomfortable then I would suggest stay off planes. Everyone on a plane has been vaccinated including yourself I would guess so why would you be complaining and unconmfortable unless you are one of those people that complains about everything. Its OK if people like you decide not to fly SW that makes it that much nicer and comfortable for the rest of us that will remain SW loyal. I thank SW and all there employees for sticking it out and putting there lives in danger for us. It takes a special kind of person to do that for people they don't even know. You are all brave and couragious.  Keep up all the great work  and thank you again