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May '24 Qualifying Promo CP Flight Photo Trip Report: Wednesday before Memorial Day (SAN-SJC)

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Greetings Community Southwest:



SoCalFlyer97 took a day trip from SAN to SJC and back last week on the Wednesday prior to the Memorial Day weekend for combined business and personal needs. Most of the thrills and excitement occurred during the booking phase thanks to a mix of sales combined with a change of plans...add to that, a Promo Companion Pass offer.


The reservation all started with a two-day local Splash Sale that took place back in February when the one-way midweek fare between SAN and SJC was only $29 each way...Sold. I booked it for May 15.


Then later in March, I found out that I needed to postpone the trip to the following Wednesday 5/22 as all kinds of stuff popped up on my calendar for May 15. Right around the same time I felt it was necessary to reschedule the trip, Southwest announced its Promotional Companion Pass Offer which my new trip date would qualify for. When I checked the posted fare, it was still a good buy: $69 each way. Difference in fare was $80 for the trip but the value of the promo Companion Pass far surpasses that.


One key factor for Promo CP Offers is that the Rapid Rewards member must first Register for the offer, and then book a new flight to be flown by the registered Rapid Rewards member. Changing an existing flight does not count. That meant to qualify, my rescheduled trip to SJC had to be booked via a brand new itinerary and confirmation number. Thus, I went ahead and followed the qualification process for the 5/22 booking. After that was said and done, I then changed my original 5/15 $29 bookings to a totally different trip to PHX which was done through a separate "As low as $49" sale.


Anyway, I fulfilled the SJC trip, and got the notice the next day that I qualified for Promo CP and that it will go into effect on August 5th. It is also worth mentioning that the return trip was SoCalFlyer97's 20th Tier-Qualifying flight for 2024 which renews A-List status through the end of 2025. This was certainly a Rapid Rewards-worthy trip.


Here's how the trip fared.


SAN and the TSA checkpoint lines were not crowded at all early in the morning Wednesday. Just about all of the flights were running on time.


20240522_061014 (2).jpg


20240522_061038 (2).jpg


20240522_073423 (2).jpg

Plane N230WN, the Colorado One also paid a visit to SAN and docked at Gate 12. However, the plane to SJC is aboard aircraft N8570W from Gate 14.


20240522_064221 (2).jpg

Departing Flight:
Plane: 737-8H4, N8570W
80% Full, On Time
Preboards: 0

We pushed back on schedule and were immediately cleared to take off.


20240522_083219 (2).jpg

Just before final descent, there was a little hole in the marine layer near Monterey Bay: Highway 156 going into CA's Central Valley via the Pacheco Pass.


20240522_083743 (2).jpg

A Picture is worth a Dozen Parks: Yes, there are at least 12 different named open spaces in this area from the plane window to the distant hills according to the map: Richmond Ranch Reserve, Santa Clara Habitat Agency Reserve, Nature Conservatory Easement, Coyote Ridge Open Space, Tulare Hill, Coyote Creek Park, North Coyote Valley Open Space, Santa Clara Valley Open Space, Coe State Park, Shingle Creek, Splinter Valley Creek, Field Sports Park, and Coyote Creek Golf Course.


VTA feeder Bus rides to San Jose's VTA Light Rail trains and the Bay Area BART system is free from SJC airport, otherwise local fare is $2.50 with free transfers with the Clipper fare card.


After I took care of what I needed to do, I head over to Mission Santa Clara for a visit which was about a short 10-15 minute bus ride away from SJC.







Aboard my $2.50 limo ride back to SJC via Route 60.

I returned to SJC a little earlier than usual to take care of some work-related tasks on the laptop before departure.



SoCalFlyer97 usually likes to retreat into quiet unused gate "lounges" which was decorated with SJC's diamond jubilee graphics.






Return flight was also running about 30 minutes behind and upon tracking the plane, I found it was safe to hang out in the quiet space for that extra half hour. So with the late flight, I tried out SW's new built-in tracker via the App:


Screenshot_20240522_135223_Southwest (2).jpg


Upon pulling the flight up, it showed the airport where the plane last took off from which was SLC and the ETA for it to arrive in SJC would be 2:53pm. Nice.

Is this a great tool for the native SW App? Absolutely. Great info! Will SoCalFlyer97 be using this feature regularly? Not yet.


Screenshot_20240522_135256_Flightradar24 (2).jpg


For now, I plan to continue to use the 3rd-Party tools as these also show a live map of where the plane is plus the estimated time remaining before arrival. Once FlightRadar24's ETA ticks to about 10 minutes remaining, that is usually my signal to return to the concourse of where my gate is. If SW integrates a similar live map into their app, then I will certainly use this.



Return Flight:
Plane: 737-700, N456WN
Full Flight, 28 mins late
Preboards: 5


Crowds through the SJC Southwest Terminal appeared pretty typical...busy as usual. Once we boarded, the flight lost an additional 15 minutes as it left the gate at about 46 mins behind but thankfully recovered a whopping 24 mins en-route as we were cleared to take off shortly after push back, allowing the plane to arrive in SAN only 22 mins behind after all that.


20240522_164621 (2).png


And the San Diego downtown skyline finale just before landing never gets old!


Finally, on my ground transport ride back to the Park & Ride lot aboard the MTS Rapid Express Route 280, I enjoy a nice spacious ride...




...only to have our best friend...


...the Fasten Seatbelt Sign follow me home!


Up next for SoCalFlyer97: A flight into the triple digit heat of the desert at PHX and perhaps some more SW Hotels moments during Father's Day weekend. Stay tuned for those reports.

SAN's New T1 Construction Updates:






Official Info about SJC:


Official Info about SAN:

(SW gives a little marketing promo for Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner train--I'll have to share my Surfliner moments in a future post!)


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Re: May '24 Qualifying Promo CP Flight Photo Trip Report: Wednesday before Memorial Day (SAN-SJC)

Explorer B

SoCalFlyer97:  All of the work you put into your travel posts makes everyone here want to head to the airport!


I want to also thank Southwest for having a community message board with enough computer power to support all the photographs.  I'm not a techie, but I believe they do take up a lot of storage space.




Re: May '24 Qualifying Promo CP Flight Photo Trip Report: Wednesday before Memorial Day (SAN-SJC)

Aviator A

Another good one SoCalFlyer.  I enjoyed the read.