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Medical Emergency In Air, Amazing Staff and Passengers

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It is my hope that someone employed by Southwest can extend my message to the amazing flight attendants and 2 passenger nurses who tended to me during my recent flight.


On Wednesday, February 21st, I departed a Nashville on flight 2119 bound for Las Vegas.  It was about 20 minutes into the flight that I began to feel very faint.  I stumbled into the front bathroom to splash water on my face as a flight attendant was preparing passenger drinks.  As it seemed I was about to lose consiousness, I opened the door and the flight attendant looked at me and immediately knew something was wrong. 


The flight attendant immediately took charge and asked if any medical personel were on the flight and could provide assistance.  Two very kind nurses immediately came to my aid and began diagostics on me.  My blood pressure had dropped to 60/30.  As the nurses tended to me the flight attendants provided medical oxygen, bagged ice, and called down to the ground for help.  


Having an unknown medical emergency while flying at 30,000 ft. is certainly terrifying, however, the flight attendants and 2 nurses never once left my side and made me feel that I was in great hands. 


I was eventually able to return to my seat.  The staff kept an eye on me and checked on me constantly to make sure I was feeling okay.  EMS greeted me at the gate and I refused their service and decided to get checked out at a hospital in Las Vegas.  


I was quickly diagnosed with hypotension by physicians.  I told the doctors and nurses of the amazing care of the attendants and passengers.  They were quick in responding that it could have been much worse had it have not been for their care.


If a staff member would like to get in touch with me, I would be glad to give you my personal details and contact information.  But more than anything I hope that you can relay this message to the staff and the 2 nurses on board:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for caring for a stranger in need.  Thank you for your compassion and kindness.  I am eternally grateful for you all.  Thank you.



Re: Medical Emergency In Air, Amazing Staff and Passengers

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I am glad you are safe and better.  Your post warmed my heart and many others will be blessed by your sharing. The FA crew will certainly be recognized because you provided flight number and for the RNs they are our fellow let's Return the spirit of the RNs!


Do what we can to make each day LUVly.