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Medical assistance in the air

Explorer C

I was recently on a flight back from Orlando. About an hour into the flight, they asked for medical assistance over the speaker.  I am a doctor, so I volunteered to help.  There was a young lady clearly in distress. Myself and another doctor assisted the young lady, and avoided having to divert and land at a different airport.  I am writing this because I have some major concerns about what emergency services and supplies are available on southwest airplanes.  The supplies they had were outdated and there should really be more medications, etc that may save a life available in an emergency.  I would like to talk to someone in management/administration to discuss how to improve these things so that everyone can be safer while flying.  I’m glad things went well but if it were not for the medications of other passengers, that young lady might not have been so lucky.  I’m glad to speak with anyone further about this.


Re: Medical assistance in the air

Aviator A

Thank you for jumping in! This real-world feedback is valuable, and  sure SW would appreciate hearing it. 


I recommend providing that feedback to the Twitter team or via the Contact Us link since this is a customer community. They can direct your feedback to the correct parties. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Medical assistance in the air

Aviator A



First off thanks for jumping in to help another passenger in a time of need 


I would definitely recommend calling customer relations at 855-234-4654 or reaching out on Twitter as @elijahbrantley suggested so they can look in to this more and I am sure they would love to hear your feedback.


Thanks for sharing!