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Missing Jewelry Complaint

Explorer C

Southwest Airlines has always been my go-to/favorite airline and I have recommended them to other flyers.  Never Again!  I always fly with my favorite invaluable pieces tucked away in my checked baggage, so they won't take it from my carry-on because it could be considered as weapons!  I have flown many times both nationally and internationally, and have never had any problems.


My most recent flying took me from WA to AZ, through CA and NV, then back to WA.  No problem on any of the flights, until I boarded the last flight, a SW Airline flight.  My jewelry was IN my bag when I checked it, but when I arrived home and received my luggage, the box of jewelry was missing!  That only leaves one explanation.  One of SW's baggage employees is dishonest and TOOK my box of jewelry from inside my bag!


I have gone around and around with them since then over this, but have only been left with advice to pray it will show up.  They will follow-up through lost and found.  How do they expect it to "show up" in lost and found?!  If somebody TOOK it, they are NOT going to return it!




Re: Missing Jewelry Complaint

Aviator A

@susiekew wrote:

  One of SW's baggage employees is dishonest and TOOK my box of jewelry from inside my bag!


 Not necessarily --- several different groups of employees have access to your bag. Employees of any of them could have taken your stuff:


1)  airport employees at your departure airport

2)TSA employees at your departure airport

3) airport employees at your arrival airport

4) Southwest employees at either airport.


Which took your stuff? Your guess is as good as mine.


The rule of thumb is NEVER place stuff that you can't afford to lose in your checked luggage. If something looks like it could be a weapon, don't bring it with you.


Sorry your jewelry is missing. Your best bet is to file claims with both Southwest and TSA. 

Re: Missing Jewelry Complaint

Aviator A

As mentioned, you're probably barking up the wrong tree.

Start here:



Re: Missing Jewelry Complaint

Aviator A

Most subtle piece of spam I have seen in quite a while

Re: Missing Jewelry Complaint

Aviator C

I feel like calling the police is the right thing to do.

Re: Missing Jewelry Complaint

Aviator C

Sorry for your experience, but who in their right mind puts anything of value in a checked bag anymore.  I know you said you didn't want it to be considered as a weapon, but maybe that inconvenience seems a bit more appealing than what you're going through.  


Word to the wise, computers, cameras, IPads, Jewelry, etc., should be in your purse, backpack, carry on, or small suitcase carry on....