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Montego Bay to Midway #1043

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Wife and I love Southwest Airline.  Traveled to Montego Bay from Midway - flight to was perfect.  Flight home was stressful.  We're behind all the mandates related to COVID19 - never without our mask, constantly sanitizing.  We were the first 10 people to board flight #1043.  While boarding, the male flight attendant told us to pull our mask up (my mask was at the tip of my nose and nose was covered) above our nose and keep it there and consider to this to be our only warning.  We weren't even sure he was talking to us.  We sat in the 5th row of the plane and 30 seconds later and not even settled yet and he approached us again.  He told us "you were warned and now he needs to decide whether to kick us off of the plane for not complying".  I shockingly said "What"?  Again, he said he should remove us from the plane for not properly wearing our mask.  He said if we agree to comply he'll let us stay but will be watching us and if he sees the mask out of place he'll have us arrested in Chicago.  The only thing we said was yes we'll comply.  Needless to say we were beside ourselves.  We can't figure out why he accosted us the way he did - again our mask were in place, the same way we wore them on our trip to MB.  To make it worse, being at the front of the plane, we watched 9 people pass by him with their mask lower than ours were and he'd didn't say a word to them.  His Gestapo tactic was uncalled for and made for a tough 4 hour trip knowing this guy was watching over us.  We weren't even comfortable eating or drinking anything because of him.  The kind couple in the row in front of us were taken aback by his approach and thought it was unprofessional.  


Re: Montego Bay to Midway #1043

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I'm sorry for your experience -- especially since it sounds like you were doing your best to comply with mandates.


Since this is a customer forum, you'll need to contact SW directly to report your experience.


Contact Customer Relations 


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Re: Montego Bay to Midway #1043

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Sorry to hear of your experience.


If you decide to file a complaint be sure to indicate date, flight number, departure and destination airports and if you have it, the name of the offending employee.