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My funniest moment on a SWA flight... ever.

Explorer A

SWA flight crews are definitely funny. I love that. The pilots are usually pretty serious, but still friendly, which I appeciate. Here is my faviroite moment on an SWA flight:


Upon landing, there was some wind blowing, and the pilot set the plane down a bit harder than usual. It was a good bump there at touchdown. The pilot comes on the PA system and says "Hi this is your pilot. That was a bumpy landing there. All I can say is that was not my fault. It was the Asphalt!!". The passengers erupted in laughter. I'll never forget it. Well done!


Re: My funniest moment on a SWA flight... ever.

Explorer B

Yeah, I've always appreciated how lighthearted and upbeat the SW crews are.  Makes the stress of flying a bit easier.


I think my funniest moment was when the stewardess placed a bag of peanuts and a bag of pretzels on the floor at the front of the plane before takeoff and asked us to bet on which one would win the race to the back during takeoff.  I forget which one did win, but I remember that everyone got a kick out of it.