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Never again

Explorer C

My wife and I have been traveling for years and our go to airline was always Southwest. Southwest was always innovative, friendly and super-affordable.


On a recent trip to Kansas City, I convinced my friend to fly Southwest. Yes, they have a quirky boarding procedure, but you'll love it I told him.


Boy, was I wrong.


Our flight from Providence to Baltimore to KC was uneventful but our trip home was a different story.


Our flight from KC to Baltimore left late and because of "turbulence" in the area we were not provided cabin service. Also, the wifi didn't work.


When we arrived in Baltimore we were told our 10:50pm flight would be delayed until 12:22 am. We didn't take off until 1:45am. Again, turbulent air meant no cabin service.


Southwest used to be good. Now it's just another mediocre airline.


I'll fly with another airline on my next trip.


It's too bad Southwest dropped the ball.


Re: Never again

Aviator A

Would you rather have had drink service and run the risk of having bloody flight attendants hit the ceiling when the turbulence hit.

Re: Never again

Explorer B

I have a lot of sympathy for Southwest flight attendants when turbulence pre-empts cabin service and they have to make the entire flight buckled in.  Those fold down flight attendant seats don't look half as comfortable as the passenger seats.  I know I couldn't do it.