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Never on time departire

New Arrival

I have to fly at the very least 10 times in total on this air carrier per year. Each time I have a flight past 5pm we never get off the ground on time. I'm currently waiting at BWI to go to PVD and we haven't left even though our departure time was 7:50 pm. Here we are creeping up on another 20 minute delay because of baggage. It's always waiting on luggage or people. The delay time is always either 20 or 30 minutes each time which affects peoples ground transportation or connecting flights. How can this happen EVERYTIME I fly with you after 5pm any local time? Where is the disconnect on this? How does it get solved? Why does no one care?


Re: Never on time departire

Top Contributor

Every seasoned traveler knows that he/she is more likely to run in to  the situation you describe later in the day..

Why? The planes have a whole day of flying to multiple cities - and any one of those flights could have an issue - which cascades towards delays at the end of the day.


If delays drive  you buggy, don't fly late in the day. Instead fly as early as you can -- before the issues cascade and cause delay problems later in the day.