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New seats

Explorer C

Love the new seats on the new planes! No metal at the bottom to ram your knees into and more comfortable.


Re: New seats

Retired Community Manager

Thanks for the LUV, @Doublel! I agree, the new seats are sooo comfy. 


Have you seen what happens to the old seats?



Re: New seats

Frequent Flyer C

Just watched the video! That's really cool, glad southwest is reusing the leather and providing artisans with it to make the fashion accessories!

Re: New seats

Frequent Flyer A

Sigh.  I get nostalgic about the days when we didn’t have to worry about ramming our knees into anything and when the safety speech bit about “keeping the area for your feet clear” meant something.  But alas, that is one pendulum that is not going to swing back, and more seats does equal cheaper flights.  SWA’s seating arrangements better than some others that I have flown, and I do not want to pay first class rates on other airlines so it is a trade off that I will have to live with.  


Nostalgic moment from one long time customer — Knee room, khaki shorts on flight attendants, and peanuts.  I am showing my age (then again, my avatar does that for me).