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No WiFi

Explorer C

Flew Chicago MDW to San Francisco last night. Got on the plane where it was announced that the WiFi was broke--no WiFi for 4+ hours. Totally unacceptable Southwest! No attempt to fix it? Some of us work on the plane & need WiFi for communication. I filed a complaint with Southwest even before the flight took off. Southwest response :"currently, not all of our aircraft are WiFi-enabled". Heads up flyers! I'm flying Chicago-S.F. again next week...on United. It looks like SW is dumping on this route: take a look at next month's schedule. Some days there are no non-stops, other days the only non-stop arrives at 11:30 p.m. PT (1:30a CT). This A-List is very disappointed.


Re: No WiFi

Aviator A

Sorry your disappointed unfortunately in life things break WiFi included sure you may have to work on the flight but airlines won't delay a flight to fix the WiFI because otherwise others would be here complaining that that were delayed to fix the WiFi. Remember the days WiFi didn't exist on planes treat that flight like one of the old days. 


With route changes they are tough but they happen your best bet is to share your feedback with Southwest directly about the WiFI issues and route changes. Contact Customer Relations 



Re: No WiFi

Aviator A

I don't really consider myself old, but I do remember flying just fine for many hours with just a book.  #stoneage #soprimative



Re: No WiFi

Explorer C

We just returned from Atlanta and both going and coming home no WIFI!  The service was awful as well!.

Customer service has gone down the drain I guess.  

Re: No WiFi

Adventurer B

I agree, no WiFi can be frustrating! In terms of work, I always plan to do work that doesn't require a connection to the internet and if I do have a connection, which is the vast majority of the time, I can e-mail and text as needed for free with Southwest ALP.


I have yet to fly an airline that has 100% uptime with their intent connections, including United...I think it's a big gap/problem that all airlines need to address!