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Not feeling the Luv

Explorer C

I have been a dedicated Southwest customer for over 30 years. Recently on flight #4500 from OAK to DAL the flight attendant repeated an unusual amount of times over the loud speaker about wearing masks and how employees have to wear them all day so we should all just "deal with it". Obviously all flying know the rules and should comply and respect the federal mandate if they wish to travel. My son had his mask off at one point during boarding while he was finishing a sandwich and was reminded to put the mask on. Got it. Once we sat he was drinking and reminded again. Got it. Multiple announcements over loud speaker. Got it. More announcements over loud speaker to point that is was rude. Got it. My son fell asleep and apparently she announced again over loud speaker because his mask, still on but fell beneath his nose. Meanwhile, multiple customers on the flight has their masks under their nose or below their chin. A person we were traveling with had their mask off the majority of the flight. At the end of the flight the attendant asked for my sons ID and reported him . . . seriously I guess she was having a very bad day and decided she needed to pick on someone, who was following the rules. It was so over the top. Over the past month we have experienced consistent late flights, cancelled flights and multiple other issues flying Southwest but to feel targeted was awful. Please look around the airport and on your flights and notice if there is anyone at any point with their mask below their chin while they eat/drink or anyone with a mask that falls off their nose while sleeping and please respond how the flight crew addressed the passengers. Even the other attendants on the flight told us the behavior from this attendant was overly forceful and beyond what is necessary. #noluv 


Re: Not feeling the Luv

Aviator A

Sorry to hear you feel your son was picked on over the mask mandate. Your welcome to share your feedback with southwest directly Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Not feeling the Luv

Frequent Flyer A

To add, you can also DM the airline on any social media for assistance there too. Apologies for the frustrations.

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