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New Arrival

Good morning,  as I sit on another Southwest flight this morning I decided to google the snacks that were being passed out.   First, I LUV Southwest Airlines.  I have family members who have worked here and I try to be loyal to SWA as much as I can.   I believe that SWA can do better in terms of snacks that are offered to customers---both in choices of snacks (like plain peanuts instead of peanuts coated in high fructose corn syrup and other nasty chemicals) and in the category (organic vs. conventional) of snacks offered.   The GMO-Belvita breakfast bars look good but just thinking about how the wheat was probably GMO and then coated in pesticide while growing does not make me want to eat them.   Has SWA ever considered offering less conventional and more organic options for customers who are opposed to putting such chemicals in their bodies?