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On time departures

Explorer B

Seems like on time departures are a thing of the past now. I work in the freight business and if our plane leaves a minute late there's a ton of paperwork and emails... I'm on the 3rd leg of my 11 hour trip (should of been home 4 hours ago) now since previous flight was an hour late earlier resulting in a missed connection....this is really bad customer service ....still sitting in LAS for a short trip to OAK....the delay will probably be longer than the flight. smh


Re: On time departures

Aviator A

Again Delays are apart of life and air travel these days on all airlines. I know it's frustrating especially on short flights where the delay can be as long as the flight itself. 


Once travel is complete you can Contact Customer Relations  and they would be the best to assist with post travel feedback/complaints. 



Re: On time departures

Aviator A

My experience has been quite different -- 5 flights in the last month . All departed on time and arrived early.



As said earlier in the thread delays (and cancellations) have always been part of air travel.

SOmetimes you get unlucky. If you travel enough you WILL occasionally get delayed.


Re: On time departures

Explorer C

If we talk about luck or failure, you need to remember that there is such a thing as soul purpose. I don’t think your flight is 100% late. Sometimes everything goes in such a way that a small delay on the contrary becomes a safer way. I take it this way. I will not cite famous films as an example, but if the flight was delayed, I am ready to take it for granted.