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We wanted to give a “shout-out” to a very special pilot that we had the pleasure of flying with from Kaua’i to the big island of Hawaii on 08/06/20.   His name is Josh and he was the best and friendliest pilot we’ve ever flown with.  He went over and above the call of duty to ensure we had a great flying experience!  He is certainly a valuable asset to your airlines and we will DEFINITELY be flying with Southwest in the future.  Mahalo, Captain Josh!


Re: Outstanding employee

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WOOHOO! So amazing to hear! 🙂 Be sure to also share your praise via DM on social media so the team there can help with getting your praise to the appropriate department! 


Have a safe and fun time out there!

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Re: Outstanding employee

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well, if I was flying from one Island of Hawaii to another, I doubt any piolet was going to ruin my day. Glad you gave him a shout out.