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Your organization already took the steps to limit emotional support animals to only dogs and cats which was the right step but honestly do not agree with the cost to bring a pet onboard for a price that is often more than my seat.  Would Southwest consider making changes to cost of animals of a small dog or cat that is in carrier under the seat verses the cost to crate and travel with larger animal.  Personally, I can see myself flying less and driving more as it will be more cost effective for me in the future.


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Southwest does not accept crated large animals. Only ones small enough to fit in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you are allowed. Cost is $95 - which is a minimum of $30 cheaper than you'll find on American, Delta or United..

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A bit of a correction to your post...


Emotional Support Animals will be banned all together and Service Animals are limited to dogs only.

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@Boogity Or you can kennel your pet like I make my son do.