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Please reconsider mandatory masks for toddlers

New Arrival

We are definitely not anti-mask and wear them religiously when in public. However, if you have ever tried to make a spirited toddler to do anything you know it is not always possible. We practice as she is almost two, but at times she has complete meltdowns. After she turns two we can no longer travel by air because we fear one of those meltdowns may occur on a plane and we will be stranded somewhere or even worse out on a no fly list. I thought of all airlines,  SW would give parents with 2-3 year old toddlers some grace. 

The WHO doesn’t even recommend that children under 5 wear face masks, and European airlines have made the mandate much older. Asking a 2 year old to always behave and listen is not really or probable. You are preventing families, who you try to appeal to, from flying. This may not only hurt your bottom line, but also your reputation as being a family airline. 


Re: Please reconsider mandatory masks for toddlers

Top Contributor

Masks are now mandatory for all flyers age 2 and up because of a federal requirement.  This means even if Southwest wants to change the requirement it can't.