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Praise for flight attendant Sam

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I doubt this will get back to the flight attendant who helped me but lets try.  I was on Flt 178 from PHX to OAK yesterday and sat next to an off duty flight attendant by the name of Sam who is based in PHX.  I unfortunately suffer from flight anxiety and our flight was a bit bumpy yesterday due to weather.  I asked Sam to speak with me and she helped so kindly to make my flight as good as possible.  She researched flight anxiety while I wasn't doing well and just was so kind.  Sometimes we take flight attendants for granted and wanted to be sure and not take this one for granted.  She confided in me times were tough in the airline industry and changes may be coming for her.   I really hope not for her as she was incredible.    I survived the flight and am so grateful.     


If anyone knows how to get this note to her I would appreciate it.  


Thank you Sam for being kind and helping me through that flight!!!!



Re: Praise for flight attendant Sam

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So glad to hear that Sam talked to you and helped calm your anxiety during the flight. If you get a chance i would reach out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter in a DM that way they can pass on the thanks to Sam and her leaders. If you don't have Facebook or Twitter you can submit the feedback online: Submitting a Customer Service Compliment 




Re: Praise for flight attendant Sam

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Great Job, SAM!