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Queen for A Day

Explorer C

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional customer service my husband and I experienced during our recent flight, Southwest Airlines Flight 2560, from Baltimore, MD to Boise, ID. This particular journey held special significance for me as it marked the culmination of a lifelong goal to visit all 50 states, with Southwest Airlines being my trusted companion for many of those memorable adventures.


I am especially grateful for the outstanding service provided by the dedicated individuals who made this journey truly exceptional. J.C., the LAS  counter representative at Gate C23, who went above and beyond to assist us and set a positive tone for the entire trip. Additionally, I must commend the remarkable flight attendants, Karen and Jack, who are based in Oakland. Their warm and attentive care made me feel like a queen for the day, creating an experience that will forever be etched in my memory.


Southwest Airlines has consistently been a reliable and enjoyable partner throughout my travels, and the exceptional service from J.C., Karen, and Jack during Flight 2560 exemplifies the commitment to customer satisfaction that sets Southwest apart. I am grateful for the efforts of these individuals and the entire Southwest Airlines community in making my milestone journey even more special.


Thank you once again for the outstanding service and for being an integral part of my travel adventures.



Re: Queen for A Day

Frequent Flyer A

Great to hear these stories. LUV It!


Would you do special return favor for all the SW staff that you mentioned: Since this forum is customer-to-customer, would you forward a copy of your posted compliment directly to Southwest Customer Service if you haven't done so already:


That will help ensure your letter gets processed. Thanks for sharing this experience on this board; LUV to hear these positive experiences.