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Restroom privacy

New Arrival
While at the airport, I went to the bathroom. While in the restroom suddenly while im on the toilet exposed, the cleaning lady opens the trash/ toilet paper area. This creates a large enough view to see into my stall, she doesnt say anything not does she stop. She leaves for a bit (leaves the trash area wide open) meanwhile im in shock and just sit there waiting for her to close it. She takes forever and instead of closing it she continues to change the toilet paper and trash for my side (as shes on the other). After shes done (it took about 4-7 minutes) i quickly finish my business and leave the stall, when i leave she doesnt say anything about what just happened. I feel that my privacy was invaded even if it was a lady who was cleaning and opened the trash. I dont think this shouldve happened and was disappointed in this issue.

Re: Restroom privacy

Top Contributor

Assuming this happened in an airport, you should contact management at that airport. Southwest doesn't manage the airport.