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Rude flight attendant - Sheryl

Explorer C

Flight 3597 from Burbank to Salt Lake City on Feb 26, 2022 was delayed for close to 3 hours due to mechanical issues.  When we finally boarded,  a flight attendant named Sheryl, insisted I shut down my ipad before takeoff.  FAA rules allow this and so does Southwest.  I fly all the time and this was the first time I was ever asked, rudely by the way, to stow my ipad.  I would like an answer as to why flight attendants such as Sheryl can make up the rules which are contrary to federal standards and airline policy.  There was no turbulence, no reason given, when I asked I was told that it could fall on someone.  Ridiculous!


Re: Rude flight attendant - Sheryl

Aviator A

Sorry to hear your flight was late and that you had a bad experience with Sheryl. Once your travel is complete you can reach out to Southwest customer relations by clicking the contact us link at the bottom of this page and submit your feedback and someone will get back to you as soon as possible and hopefully they can compensate for the delay and pass on the notes to the appropriate team.