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Rude flight attendant

Explorer C

After decades of flying Southwest, I experienced my first rude flight attendant, a male in his 20s or 30s who watched me attempt to put a small bag into a compartment before telling me it wouldn't fit. OK. Not a problem. Then came the sarcasm whenever I thanked him for my drink. OK. Still not a problem. When I left the plane, I thanked him and the other flight attendant and added, "have a good day" to which the male attendant in question replied, "Have a mediocre day." None of this was life threatening nor horrible, but it was unnecessary and bad customer service. So to the flight attendant on mid afternoon nonstop flight from Sacramento to Las Vegas, sorry you had a bad day and sorry you broke the perfect record of great service from Southwest that I experienced for years. And guess what? I had a fabulous day.


Re: Rude flight attendant

Aviator A

There is never an excuse for rudeness in the service industry -- or rudeness period for that matter. That said, this sounds very much out of character for SW employees.  I wonder if someone was having a bad day or if there was just a misunderstanding?


If you feel strongly about sharing your comments with SW directly, you can use the Contact Us link below.


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Rude flight attendant

Explorer C

I have noticed the quality of flight attendants waning over the past few years.  Some SW attendants are just amazing. Ten to fifteen years ago that was the norm. I don't fly alot, only 5-10 roundtrips per year. However, my experience these days is that about one-third of SW attendants are amazing, another third are solid and competent. About a third of the flights I take these days contain at least one attendant that you just try to survive -- you stay away from their notice. I wonder if SW is overworking folks, or if the flying public has gotten so difficult to deal with that attendants burn out quickly. Either way, it's a real shame.


I don't agree that this is "out of character" for SW or other airline attendants. That has not been my experience. It happens quite often.

Re: Rude flight attendant

Adventurer C

They need to hire me, I am always in a good mood and that was after years of working for a narcissists