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SMF to AUS (9/2/2020) Kick Tail!

Explorer B

Amazing flight attendant! 


She was so helpful to everyone... helping place bags in overhead bin; holding coffee cups for people so they could get into their seats; and even holding a baby to allow the mother to get settled in.


I was so impressed that I gave her my last Kick Tail certificate! (how do I get more?)


Question: how do you find employees like that? please share the secret sauce so I can forward to my HR team!





Re: SMF to AUS (9/2/2020) Kick Tail!

Aviator A

So glad to hear the flight attendant went above and beyond on your recent flight. You can try reaching out to Southwest on Twitter or Facebook and request more kick tail coupons and hopefully they can assist with getting some sent to you. 



Re: SMF to AUS (9/2/2020) Kick Tail!

Aviator C

So awesome to hear kudos. Thanks for sharing. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: SMF to AUS (9/2/2020) Kick Tail!

Explorer C

@Lenfishman Love this! Being in HR, I love when people bring me ideas of how to attract great talent. Glad your experience was awesome. Thank you for sharing!