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SWA Please address wifi issues!

Explorer C

I am an A-List Business traveler that uses SWA frequently. The wifi is markedly worst than any of the airlines I travel. It is more than 50% of my flights that the internet either is completely  non-operable or so slow that email doesn't function. The most frustrating part is that flight attendants are not trained on how to fix and never have any solution other than to say sorry. Why do they not at least have complimentary wifi coupons for the next trip since you don't know that it isn't working properly until after you have already paid?! Also, I have emailed SWA customer service about this on multiple trips but have never received any response or offers to refund my wifi charges/provide a free code for next trip. By now I have racked up hundreds of extra dollars on wifi that hasn't worked, and it's unfair to put the work on the customers to have to call to chase down refunds. SWA has been my carrier of choice for years, but honestly I am going to start moving my business to Delta and United.  (We'll see if I finally get a comment on this attempt)


Re: SWA Please address wifi issues!

Aviator A

Southwest is not going to answer you here because this is a customer forum. Southwest moderates the forum but does not staff people here to fix issues. To fix issues you have to contact the airline directly. Click on contact us (below) to proceed.


Southwest does refund WiFi payments when the WiFi does not work. Send SW an e-mail with very specific dates/flight numbers/departure/destination cities  and tell the airline you want a refund.