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Safe and Healthy Travel

Explorer C

I always love traveling Southwest and have never had an issue, except with lost and found but that's another topic. 

When I look at the national map of the spread of flue during this season, I wondered if, instead of peanuts and crackers, Southwest could pass out wipes and/or masks.  There has been school and business closures and even deaths associated with this recent outbreak. 

This would be a great PR move for Southwest to show the world they care about the health of their passengers and crew. 

All said, I would hate to give up my peanuts and crackers. 



Re: Safe and Healthy Travel

Retired Community Manager

Hi @pwelch,


Thanks for posting in the Southwest Community!


The Safety of our Customers and Employees is always top priority here at Southwest, so we can appreciate that quality when we see it someone else (like yourself!). At this time, we do not have plans to hand out wipes and masks, but we welcome Customers to bring their own along, and we'll keep the suggestion in mind. I also want to note that our lavatories are stocked with stocked with soap and paper towels, should you want to wash your hands while onboard to help keep the germs at bay.