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Seat 11B on the 737-700 SW plane

Adventurer C

Is this a comfortable seat? Its in the exit row and next to the door. Its part of a pair so no middle seat. I guess if you are taveling alone you should not sit there and leave it to couples.


Re: Seat 11B on the 737-700 SW plane

Explorer B

Save it for couples?  have you ever been on Southwest before?  Every man for himself.  But, aside from the commentary, the seat in question doesn't recline.  other than that, its pretty much like an aisle seat, but the "aisle" lets you escape the aircraft almost immediately should a crash occur, so, I count that as a benefit?  AND, at least one of the arm rests is for certain to be yours, another benefit.  AND, I can break a couple up and induce some stress into their travel, which I received when I got a B boarding position on early bird....  Sorta "paying it forward" - so, I dunno, depends on my mood, but that could be a benefit?  The seat is leather, a benefit.  statistically, there is one less chance for a bag in that overhead compartment given the removal of the seat, so, another benefit.  Some might say, its the BEST middle seat on the airplane (I would).

Re: Seat 11B on the 737-700 SW plane

Aviator A

It's a premium option among middle/window seats for sure. I'll play devil's advocate a little:


  1. Some people will try to sleep and this seat you can't lean against the side of the aircraft for extra support.
  2. If traveling in a pair its great. The matching aisle seat is the same as any other aisle though and doesn't recline 
  3. Person in the "Dannering" seat behind you to the left will keep asking you to help stow their things under the seat in front of them, which is in front of you.

Overall I also will leave it for someone traveling in a pair and hope for the karma to be paid forward by someone else later. I enjoyed sitting there as my first choice seat before kiddos when traveling with my wife.







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