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Sept '23 Promo Companion Pass Photo Trip Report (SAN-PHX)

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Greetings Community-




We all received the Promotional Companion Pass offer back in August...I had the opportunity to register and book the required roundtrip during the promo and took the flight last week. This day trip was to PHX for combined business and a visit to a friend. Got some decent A-List Priority Boarding spots: A33 Inbound, A46 Return...Lots of A-Listers on this one!

In response to the "Where did I park" post from last week, I tried out this feature on the app:


Parked for free at a North San Diego County area bus station and boarded a MTS Rapid bus to downtown for $2.50 for the hourlong bus ride. The lot supports secure free overnight parking with permit if taking a transit bus by calling the station security phone number posted on the signs and providing a contact, make/model/license plate of the car. No permit required for day use. Not logging out of the Southwest app keeps the data in tact as verified per the thread.


Got to SAN and the inbound flight was due to depart on time from the Terminal 1 east concourse; that meant nice views of the New Terminal 1 construction process:





The Bird for the Inbound AM Trip to PHX



Fleet: 737-700; Full Flight, Preboarders: 3


The flight route follows the Mexico border for the California leg, giving those who take a window seat on the right side of the plane some nice views. Here's some shots looking down south as the plane heads east to PHX...and no Passport required for this sightseeing experience:



El Hongo:


This includes a shot of the maximum security Cereso El Hongo prison (left area of the photo) which was featured on Netflix's Inside the World's Toughest Prisons with the full show later published to YouTube...After watching that documentary, I have no room left for any complaining...

Down the Mountain and into the desert from La Rumorosa:


Mexicali up close with Laguna Salada behind the mountains:


Crossing the state line into AZ. In the back of the picture across the international border, San Luis Rio Colorado:


High above Yuma:


YUM Airport: Future Southwest destination one day? Gotta put in my formal request too direct to Southwest Customer Service for this border town and gateway into the Imperial Valley area. Somebody once said that this forum is a "great place for Customers to share experiences and information with each other, but it is not a platform where (the airline is) able to process Customer Service comments or concerns."

Made it to PHX


Big crowds as expected at Terminal 4...specifically at both the Southwest and American Airlines concourses...Managed to find a quiet empty gate in the international flights area to get some work done (...and to check this board) before my appointments.




PHX's free general WiFi works great and with no firewall blocking my Outlook email program...Great speeds for general work and browsing. Just watch an 8 second commercial, agree to the terms and you're in!



The hallway behind the glass wall next to the gate seats is PHX's international arrivals corridor leading to the international CBP Port of Entry which is downstairs.


Taking the SkyTrain to the Valley Metro public transit train...








Spent the day taking care of my business and my visit. Later in the afternoon, it's time to return home!

Flight back home is on time!





PHX posted the estimated TSA wait times and that all gates can be accessed airside via any checkpoint! Great to know! 


Stopping over at this quiet inter-faith sanctuary before crossing through TSA, located at Terminal 4 landside near the B-Gates TSA Checkpoint.



Time to cross over...Let's see....Southwest C-Gates...


...35 minute wait for standard screening; about a dozen folks in the PreCheck line...

Across the way for the B-Gate TSA Checkpoint:


5 Minute wait with two people in PreCheck with a little walk...I've got PreCheck and need some extra footsteps; let's use 'B'. Two people ahead of me. At PHX, TSA also takes a picture of each person passing through as part of the ID check process via its Credential Authentication Technology.

The airside connectors taking me to back to the Southwest concourse:



302 miles away to SAN....




Return Trip


Fleet: 737-700; Full Flight; Preboarders: 4

Farewell PHX!



"Fancy meeting you here at 35,000 feet." Looks like our friend Floyd has got an updated menu with a sky-blue background.



Hello SAN!...and much cooler weather!



Checked the App and found my parking spot!




...And 24 hours later:

CP Promo.png


In case you're wondering:


Here's what to expect if you also got the Promo CP per the email:

You can book travel now, and starting January 8, 2024, you can add your Companion to your existing reservations. You’ll have until March 8, 2024 to enjoy the benefits of this offer. We can’t wait to see you and your Companion onboard soon!



Safe Travels!




Re: Sept '23 Promo Companion Pass Photo Trip Report (SAN-PHX)

Explorer C

Thanks for the information... 

Re: Sept '23 Promo Companion Pass Photo Trip Report (SAN-PHX)

Aviator A

Great trip report, thanks for sharing!

Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Sept '23 Promo Companion Pass Photo Trip Report (SAN-PHX)

Aviator A

Did you get the new snack on your AM flight? 

Re: Sept '23 Promo Companion Pass Photo Trip Report (SAN-PHX)

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@bec102896 wrote:

Did you get the new snack on your AM flight? 

Yep. 👍

Got the Remy's for the morning inbound; classic Snack Mix for the afternoon return.