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Snack and Drinks are back!

Frequent Flyer C


From the article:


Southwest Airlines will start serving in-flight snacks and drinks on Friday after a two month absence due to the coronavirus outbreak.


But passengers won't be able to cash in one of the airline's coveted drink coupons: Booze is not back on the menu, at least yet.


The airline is phasing service back in, starting with cans of water and a package of snack mix that includes pretzels, cheddar cheese squares and ranch bagel chips on flights of more than 250 miles, Southwest spokesman Brian Parrish said. 


Service won't yet resume on the airline's short hops.


Re: Snack and Drinks are back!

Aviator C

Great to know we now have the option of on flight drinks and snacks, or to just purchase before we board.  Things are slowly moving back to normal and SW is, IMO, trying to think of customer first in all it does.

Re: Snack and Drinks are back!

Aviator A

That’s great to hear that snacks/drinks are coming back.


thanks for sharing!



Snack and Drinks are back!

Aviator C

I've seen on TV where other airlines just have plastic bags of snacks and water as you board.  I think this would be a better process for SW and make less interaction on our flight attendants keeping them safer and fewer sets of hands on the products.  

Re: Snack and Drinks are back!

Explorer B

Excited to see this but a bit bummed!

We're flying tomorrow for my 30th birthday 🎂 and was hoping for a birthday cocktail. Can't imagine they'll wait too much longer, I figure they have to make decent money on selling booze.