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Southwest and America Online

Explorer C

If I ever begin missing the good ole days of America Online and its 15K speed all I need to take is a flight on SWA.  All it is missing is that modem connecting sound.  You would think that they can provide free text, free live TV, free movies all with very few problems.  However, providing a stable internet is a problem they have had and never seem to address.  Do not get me wrong, I love SWA, but this is an issue that can be resolved.


Re: Southwest and America Online

Aviator A

Sorry you have been having issues with the inflight WiFi. If you paid for the wifi and it didn't work you can Contact Customer Relations and they can assist you. You can also share your feedback about the wifi with them as well so they can document your complaint for review. 


I know pre covid they were going to update the entertainment provider I'm guessing due to the pandemic that has been put on hold because money I'm sure is very tight.