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Southwest app with Google Pixelbook Go

New Arrival

So I just bought a Goggle Pixelbook Go since I have to turn in my iPad upon retirement.  I tried to download the Southwest app and got an error msg that it is not compatible with my Pixelbook Go.  What is that all about and what do I do to be able to resolve this, particular in terms of in flight entertainment?


Re: Southwest app with Google Pixelbook Go

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Use the web browser and follow the "Ready for takeoff" instructions here, you don't need the app.  Just go to the website listed in the instructions.



Re: Southwest app with Google Pixelbook Go

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See if the "airtime" app is available to you. If so download it. It may allow you to access IFE.


If he app isn't compatible, then it isn't compatible. Your option would be to access That may be your best option.