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Southwest employees seating on airplane

Explorer C

I was curious to find out if SWA employees are allowed to sit in the coveted exit rows especially the two seat only options on aisle 15 BC especially when they pre boarded the plane 







Re: Southwest employees seating on airplane

Aviator A

You could write Southwest and ask.  Use the contact us link below and send a message.



Re: Southwest employees seating on airplane

Aviator C

@Chippy Obviously this is an issue with you.  I take no issue with it personally, at least for now.  I think that all airline employees have gone through so much these past 2 plus year and want to give them a break.  And I also see nothing about those seats that entice me to sit in them even when they are available.  Since I'm only 5'8 and 175 pounds, I guess I don't need any extra room, but that's just me.