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Re: Southwest has no idea the damage they have caused me

Frequent Flyer A

I am sorry to hear you missed the event you wanted to attend, that is very frustrating I am sure.

I noticed you departed from Pensacola, FL. Southwest does not have many flights from this airport nor did your final destination Cleveland, OH. I would recommend you take this in consideration for future reservations and choose an airline with more options or drive to a bigger airport. With only 7 direct flights in/out of Pensacola chances are the SWA crew wasn't late to arrive that morning but that they were just finished their required FAA/DOT off duty rest period from their inbound flight the previous evening.  

Just several months ago my flight out of Pensacola to BWI was cancelled and I was rebooked the following morning @06:00 on most likely the same flight number you were on to Nashville but connecting to BWI. I passed on this option because given the limited choices in Nashville and booked a flight on Delta connecting in Atlanta to BWI basically insuring me of options once I landed in Atlanta to get back home.


One other thing- Flying the same day as an event you "must" attend is a recipe for disaster in today's world on any airline.  The worst excuse I could ever give a business partner or my family is that I cannot make it because I cut it too close schedule wise.


BTW- As noted by others this a customer to customer forum, that you initiated a post on, and then received responses to your post. "The move on" comment you shared provides insight to me as to why you may have had a bad experience if this is how you interacted with the gate agent.

Safe travels 

Re: Southwest has no idea the damage they have caused me

Frequent Flyer C

I'm sorry for what you experienced, that is definitely a frustrating experience.

First, safety first, if a pilot things the tire needs further examination, it should be done as that can lead to even worse problems. 

I know this is definitely not helpful now, but in the future, sometimes if you pull aside a flight attendant and ask them about your tight connection, especially if you attach a truthful story of needing to make it otherwise you'll miss the "insert event here," they will contact the people on the ground, and they'll do everything they can for you to make the connection. It's not guaranteed because they want to affect the least amount of passengers, but sometimes asking them while in the air helps a lot (be sure to be friendly when doing so). I know it seems unnecessary because "customer service" but like I said, they try to affect the least number of passengers, so that often means not holding a flight for a singular passenger. Plus, you may have made the flight, but your checked bag wouldn't have and people would still be complaining. It's really a lose-lose for the airline, as they seem to not be able to do anything right in the eyes of some people.


-Andrew E

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