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Southwest is the worst, worst worst!!!!

Explorer C

I was supposed to fly from Reno, Nevada to Nashville with one stop over, Denver. I got up 5am to be on time. There was no problem going to Denver but when I got there, I was informed that they have canceled the flight going to Nashville.  I agreed to get the next flight out and waited for almost 3 hours. The flight kept getting delayed and since there was a lay over in Houston, I was worried that I might miss my connecting flight which they reassured me that I wouldn't. So after we got boarded, we went around taxing for almost 30 mins and the worst part is, after the whole entire time of just taxing around, we headed back to the gate got off the jet and was transferred to another.
When we arrived in Houston, the same thing happened only this time, it was close to an hour of just being stuck there just waiting.  In short, I missed my flight to Nashville and it's 7:38pm. My whole day just wasted and I am so tired because SW is just so incompetent and unorganized. I haven't written any bad reviews in my life but this is just unacceptable. They just told me that there are no more flights to Nashville tonight and the flight that I missed was the last. Now, I'm stuck here in Houston until tomorrow. I am just so upset.

When I asked the SW representative what's going on, all she could say coldly was "oh well, sorry for the inconvenience " and it wasn't even as if she was feeling bad that I missed  my flight but more like she was annoyed that I'm even asking. 

I don't  think I'll use SW anytime soon.


Re: Southwest is the worst, worst worst!!!!

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that.


I guess I'd recommend that you complain directly to SW. To do so, click on "contact us" below and proceed.