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Explorer C

On my flight yesterday (3/15/22) Southwest lost my luggage.   I was told by an employee who handled lost luggage complaints that the luggage would be delivered on 3/16/22.  I informed him that I would not be home.  No problem, the person delivering my luggage would leave it on my back porch away from view.  This morning I woke to an email from FedEx that my "package from Southwest" was going to be delivered 3/16/22 and someone had to be there to sign for it.  I called the 800 number given to me last night for issues regarding the lost luggage.  The rather rude guy told me that lost luggage is turned over to a 3rd party and Southwest is no longer responsible.  I need to deal with FedEx not Southwest.  I went on line to look for contacts up the food chain and came across an article that stated Southwest policy is "Treat others, as you would want to be treated".  So if Southwest wants to be treated rudely,  lied to and condescending. They have this nailed.  ***while writing this I received a text that they will deliver my package tomorrow instead of today**


Re: Southwest service

Aviator A

Do you really expect any airline to have their staff running around delivering baggage?  No, that's ridiculous and of course they would rely on companies that deliver packages.  So then you want to be mad because FedEx wants to make sure the bag actually gets to you and not just leave it on the porch where it could go missing?  Maybe try being happy that your bag isn't permanently lost?  There are also options to have your FedEx packages held at locations such as Walgreens and those changes can be made online with the tracking number.