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Tennessee One

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Do Southwest have an explanation on why the Tennessee One aircraft (N922WN) was quietly repainted into the standard Heart livery? 

I am hearing dirty rumors that it was due to its resemblance to the Confederate flag or the history of Tennessee’s position on owning slaves more than 130 years ago. 

Please help a loyal customer understand that rationale. 


Re: Tennessee One

Active Member

If anyone thinks that looks at all like a Confederate flag, well... they need their eyes checked.   


Unless of course the colors red and blue are now canceled. 

Re: Tennessee One

Top Contributor

They will be back. Here is a response from Southwest to another user on Twitter: Tech Ops has a plan for repainting Tennessee One and Illinois One, these aircraft will remain in our fleet far into the future. More to come, but for now know that all of Southwest specialty livery, including our state planes, will be back!


My guess is sometimes you just need a refresh like when you repaint your house but in this case they will repaint it on a different plane.