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Terrified Flyer

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Hi there- 


I am a very anxious flyer. Although I have flown my whole life, I developed a fear of flying about a year ago. At one point I thought I would never fly again. I am flying with SW on 11/12 from MCI to SAT and although I am very nervous for the work trip, I know that the SW crew will make the trip as plesent as possbile. 


The last few times I have flown SW, the flight attendents have taken the time to introduce me to the pilots who have then shown me the predicted bumps/weather etc for the trip. They have also done a great job of checking in with me for the duration of the flight. I am so appreciate of this and I am dying to conquer my fear of flying so I will continue to books flights with SW even though I am typically terrified. 


Just wanted to share in the hopes of this information helping someone else!


Wish me luck!!


Re: Terrified Flyer

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As you mentioned, Southwest does as good job of assuring fearful fliers to help the flight be bearable. Thanks for mentioning that.


The following is more for the benefit of others who mmay read this than for you, since you'll be flying in just 6 days.


There are classes and counselling to help fearful fliers. Here's one of them:


There are online tips as well:


Hope you have a pleasant ans restful flight!



Re: Terrified Flyer

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Good Luck! Yeah Southwest does a great job welcoming its passengers which helps me calm down too when I'm nervous!