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Thank you

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Hi. I traveled on Southwest flight 2464 leaving from Tampa at 6:05 am to Atlanta (original arrival time 7:40am) on Thursday, April 7. That flight was delayed due to a medical emergency (no fault of Southwest at all). As a result, I missed my connecting flight #2419 that departed Atlanta at 8:30am to Washington/Dulles. Once we landed in Atlanta and I was trying to get off the plane I was told to stay on the plane and I would be flown to Minneapolis and/or then the Chicago and then to Dulles, arriving approx 4:30 pm. (Sorry, I don't know exact connecting airports, there was a lot going on.) I asked the flight attendant if there was any way to get a flight to Washington/Reagan DCA instead. She took me off the plane and walked me to Southwest customer service.


At this point I was crying. My father had just died on April 2 and I was trying to get home after being away from my family for two months. Anyway, I was not happy to be delayed in my attempt to get home. The very kind people at customer service (I am so sorry I didn't get their names) were able to get me on an earlier flight to Reagan. They even went out of their way to get my two suitcases off the 4:30 plane to Dulles and put on the plane with me to Reagan.

I finally made it to my family, with my two suitcases. All of this is to say thank you for the outstanding customer service and doing your best to make an unfortunate situation better. Thank you!


Re: Thank you

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It's always good to hear positive stories in addition to the complaints.  Be sure to send a note directly to Southwest too.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.