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Thanks For A Terrible Anniversary

New Arrival

Started in ONT to MDW, plane was literally freezing - with multiple customers complaining and shivering for 4 hours. Response from attendant: “Yeah not sure what happened”. 


Returning from MDW to ONT, Gate attendant made a physically aggressive gesture/comment to my wife at the gate. Then, we booked at non-stop flight that had to stop in another state to refuel (no weather/airport issues). 


I fly SW almost every other week - what is happening to this company?


Re: Thanks For A Terrible Anniversary

Top Contributor

Sounds like an unfortunate experience, hopefully your next trip goes better.  Did you reach out to Southwest via one of the Contact Us methods on




Re: Thanks For A Terrible Anniversary

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Shawnwilson101,Me too! I am trying to figure it out based on what is going on with southwest airlines lately.