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The Only Halfway Reliable Airline Goes the Way of All Others

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I travel a LOT. I am down to one domestic carrier now (SW), due to lack of service and complete incompetence. 
I am finally back to traveling again and have had ONE of twelve flights that was on time. 
It’s so nice to be an A-List Preferred customer, have a flight CANCELLED “due to weather” 9 HOURS before it’s departure time, get rebooked, a C BOARDING PASS, and then pay for the “upgrade” (upgrade...that’s funny, isn’t it) so I can get on the plane first, in order to get OFF the plane ASAP! What I don’t need is another “Luv voucher”. What I need is to be reimbursed for the cost of the “upgrade”, which should not cost a loyal customer a dime. 
Right now, I’m on yet ANOTHER late flight home. This time...unscheduled maintenance. Oh and THEN 25 MORE MINUTES of sitting on the plane because all the bags had not been loaded. 
Like I said, I’m down to one airline now. Southwest seems to be rapidly moving toward the same crap service and incompetence that was formally owned by all of the company’s competition. 
And there isn’t ONE BUSINESS in this country that could treat its customers the way today’s airlines do, and survive. 
SOUTHWEST...PLEASE TRY TO GET IT TOGETHER. Travel sucks enough the way it is...customer service (in almost all businesses) is basically nonexistent, and incompetence is seriously overtaking

any hint of pride in the workforce. 


Re: The Only Halfway Reliable Airline Goes the Way of All Others

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Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. Most airlines are struggling to come back from covid- including Southwest.


FWIW you didn't have to buy an upgrade. Your A List status lets you board before B group starts  You essentially  would be A61. I've done that a few times and never ended up farther back than row 9 -- and I'm picky about getting  an aisle sear

Re: The Only Halfway Reliable Airline Goes the Way of All Others

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Sorry to hear your flights were delayed recently. Weather has been an issue in Texas which is where a lot of Southwest operations are and one delay will lead to another so yes a flight can be delayed 9 hours before your scheduled departure depending on where your flight started in the AM. 


You can Contact Customer Relations  to see if they can do anything about the upgraded boarding fee. 



Re: The Only Halfway Reliable Airline Goes the Way of All Others

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@TimothyE42 Like you, I've been flying since 1974 and can't even guess how many hundreds of flights I've been on.  In that time I've been dissatisfied with delays, rebookings, late arrivals, and take-offs, so what's NEW???  COVID didn't change any of that, it just seems to make people more determined to sign up for a group forum and vet.  I for one am as frustrated as you, but you aren't presenting anything new about air travel that we all experience at one time (or more) or another.  Much like deciding not to fly and drive only to be delayed for 3 hours because of an accident, rerouted on a detour route, and arrive at my destination 4 hours later.  It happens.