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They don’t care about your luggage

Explorer C

I was traveling home from Vegas on June 14th. Anyone who was there knows that there was a line over 2 hours just to get into the building because SW’s baggage belt was broken. What was their solution, having 1 representative getting peoples bags and stacking them 8-9 high then pushing them into the building. After waiting over 2 hours in the hot sun, and finally getting to the front of the line, we had missed our flight. So once inside, and past security, I called and complained. They offered my wife and I a credit good for 1 year. Since we travel to Vegas every year, that was fine with me and I thought that was it. We picked up our luggage after arriving back in Albuquerque and went home. We left our bags in the truck and laid down.  However, when we finally went to unpack our stuff, my wife notice her hard case luggage was cracked. I called SW the following day and advised them of what happened. They offered me a $90 credit to compensate us, but since it would expire in a year and we already had credits from the delay I didn’t accept it. I just wanted to money to replace the bad. They said it had to be evaluated. I sent in pictures of the damage and waited. When they replied, they stated that they were denying my case because I reported my claim more than 4 hours after my flight.   I again called explained that due to being tired of traveling all day we didn’t notice right away. I didn’t know SW had a 4 hour policy on reporting damaged luggage. I asked to open another file and have someone call me. They stated again someone would contact me within 30 days by phone. I waited over a month and no one called me. When I called in the lady said it was denied again and all I could do was maybe write in. They do not have supervisors I could talk to.  I am totally disappointed in how I have been treated with trip, especially since both missing my flight and my damaged luggage were SW’s fault. 


Re: They don’t care about your luggage

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Southwest's lost/damaged bag policy is pretty clear that you must file a claim within 4 hours of either a) arriving to the airport or b) retrieving your luggage. 


For domestic itineraries, Customers must notify us of the claim no later than four hours after either: (a) arrival of the flight on which the loss, damage, or delay is alleged to have occurred, or; (b) receipt of the baggage, whichever is applicable.


For domestic itineraries, we’re not liable for manufacturer defects or for minor damage resulting from normal wear and tear, such as cuts, scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, punctures, marks, and dirt. We’re also not liable for carryon baggage or any items contained in a bag deemed overstuffed.


This is one reason why I travel light and rarely check bags, though. With a carryon you can skip checking bags and go straight to TSA. Saves a lot of time/hassle that way. 



Re: They don’t care about your luggage

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You didn’t notice the crack when picking up the bag at baggage claim or while rolling to the car or lifting in to the car?? I always recommend a quick evaluation when picking up ur bag from baggage claim (spin the suitcase around)

wheels no cracks/holes in bag then I go on my way 

Re: They don’t care about your luggage

Frequent Flyer A

Hello Everybody-


For the record, the baggage belt issue at LAS was actually caused by a computer reboot failure after LAS Airport made an upgrade to its baggage system according to the local press. The outage mainly affected Southwest and American Airlines flying out of LAS on 6/14 and that an alternative baggage screening method had to be put into place for outbound bags. It doesn't appear to be Southwest's fault. However to be fair to the original poster, I was not there to witness how the airline agents handled the situation nor how the staff transported luggage nor how the CSA's handled the rebooking of missed flights. Nevertheless, it was actually great to hear that Southwest still offered the LUV Voucher for the excessive delay.


@Sifossedio I would still try to write an email to Southwest on the damaged luggage. They should have record that you attempted to rectify this with the prior CSA's after you got home. Just make it clear that you did not catch the damage on your bag until after you got home. Although the cash compensation to pay for replacement luggage may be out of the question given their 4 hour policy, they may be able to offer you some other perk in return for your business for your next trip to LAS. I would take the second LUV Voucher if they offered it again to you and maybe use the extra balance toward upgrading to an Anytime or even Business Select fare class for your next LAS trip which will give you a nice point boost, a much better boarding position, and access to the Priority Express Lanes at both the check in counter and at the TSA Checkpoint.


Email Southwest:

Re: They don’t care about your luggage

Aviator A

I remember reading about that LAS issue that’s unfortunate for them since they already have issues because of the runway construction