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Transporting live fish and coral

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On April 16th, I flew into FLL and while I was there, I thought I saw a live fish box and asked how we can transport Live fish home with us. We were told that as long as the container was under 50 lbs and in an appropreate container, we can check it as a bag. So, on April 20th, we did just that. We checked our cooler of livestock at the curb side and picked it up off the luggage conveyor just as discribed.


We flew back into FLL this week, purchased $600 in livestock, returned the retal car, went to check it and we were denied. According to the supervisor, they have never allowed this. When I explained what the process was last week and now I have $600 in livestock that will die if I do not get it home, I was told I would have to take it to another building on the other side of the airport to Southwest Cargo. I explained to them I no longer have a car and they suggested a taxi. I now have 1.5 hrs before our flight takes off. I get a ride to Southwest Cargo, after waiting 15 minutes, they begun the process. "Here, fill this out.". Once completed, they begun entering the information into the system and asked for my account number. I explained I do not have one, how to I apply for one? It will take a week or so to get one. Try FedX around the corner. I go to FedX and they do not receive packages there. I now have under 40 minutes before my flight s scheduled departure.



One side sends me to the other with I would assume no knowledge of me needing a Cargo Account number. I ended up paying the Lyft driver to drop me off back at the airport and return the box of Livestock to the store where I had purchased it. Ran through the airport to catch my flight. Now, the store will ship the box out next week and I have to drive 3 hours round trip to retrive it.


Someone else from Southwest told me they just changed the policy in the past few weeks.


The entire issue could have been avoided with proper training and communication. If there was a change in policy, when someone books a flight, there should be a pop up with new terms and conditions highlighted. If they choose not to read it, its on them. Nobody seemed to really know how to handle the situation and frankly could care less. It was not their issue.


At the end of the day, this cost me more than $120 and 4 hours driving around for nothing.


Re: Transporting live fish and coral

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Sorry to hear about your experience with transporting live fish and coral.


if you would like to discuss with someone in customer relations you can reach out by calling 855-234-4654 or you can email southwest by clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of the southwest home page they would be best to talk to so they can see what went wrong and see what can possibly be done to make it right. 


hope this helps