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Re: Travel with Specail Needs Passenger


@aychyi wrote:

@NicoleAshleyHi! Did you mark my posting as solved with a solution? Your response did not address my concerns. If you had marked it solved, please un-mark it because I still have not heard back from Southwest.


If I had checked that by accident, please advise how I can uncheck it. My concerns are still outstanding.

Hi @aychyi. Apologies for any confusion! Since The Southwest Community is a peer-to-peer discussion forum and not a Customer Service channel for Southwest, you will not receive a resolution here. Also, since you reached out to Customer Relations, and due to the sensitive nature of your concerns, a Customer Advocacy Specialist will be contacting you in writing with a response. 

Community Manager

Re: Travel with Specail Needs Passenger

Aviator C

SWA might have placed restrictions on their FA's with helping out... for liability reasons?  The attitude that was given is another issue.  Sorry about your experience.  

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Travel with Special Needs Passenger

Explorer C

It does take time for Southwest to properly investigate the situation you are referring to in your complaint.  However, with ADA related concerns, Southwest does expedite a response after they have gathered documentation from Employees involved as well as any Witnesses such as other Customers/Passengers.  This way you will have a thorough and more detailed response that addresses your concerns.  Please know that the individuals in the Customer Relations department take their job seriously while also gathering statements from all involved to help generate a response to your concern.  I am profoundly sorry for you having to wait for a response and for your experience.