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We have not traveled by air since last year and have no idea what to expect.  In Denver CO masks are required within the airport.  SW now requires masks to be worn on the flight.  I am good with that.  However, we will be either in airports or on an airplane for a minimum of 7 hours.  SW advises us to eat before we fly, well, since I have to leave my home by 4:00am and won’t arrive at my destination until noon MDT, 8 hours later) something to eat or drink in between would be nice.  No idea where food will be found but we can carry snacks with us but drinks cannot go through TSA so would need to purchase drinks somewhere within the airport.  I can handle all of this but in order to eat or drink, the mask must be removed from at least the mouth, is that permitted.  SW says you certainly can bring your own snacks onboard, they do not say you may consume your snacks or drinks on board.  I know this sounds trivial but the travel day is going to be long and through multiple states.  No idea what is permitted or required.  The same question applies to the different airports we will be accessing, can masks be removed to consume food or drinks (water)?  I presume water will have to be purchased because drinking fountains will be off limits?


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You can always go to one of the open food stands or restaurants and get something to eat or drink while waiting on your first flight. You could also get a grab and go sandwich or meal for the flight as well. With drinks you can get those once you pass security. 


With masks you should be able to take it off of your mouth to eat but once your done eating or drinking you should put your mask back on. I don’t think FAs will be the mask police where they stand in the aisle  and say something like hey you don’t have a mask on put it on.


one reason airlines say to eat ahead of time is food options at some airports are limited. less flights is leading to some food options to temporarily close or reduce hours. Also since southwest won’t serve any snacks they say get something ahead of time so you don’t come on a plane hangry. 


On a flight where you stop and don’t change planes getting a bite bite to eat between flights would depend on the flight crew if your first flight is late it will be a quick turn so most likely it will be stay on the plane no chance to get food. If you arrive early to the stopover point they may say you can get off just be back by X time for reboarding then you could use a real restroom and grab a bite to eat. If you have a connection where you change planes you should be able to get food to go as long as your first flight is not late. 



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It's possible that not all food options will be open at the airport, so I would suggest bringing a few snacks with you to tide you over. I've purchased those "P3 Protein Packs" at the grocery store and they normally come with a type of nuts, cheese, and jerky. When I don't have time to pay for a meal, it hits the spot. Here's the official site where you can find all the varieties: 


A word of advice would be if you do bring your own snacks, have them out of your bag as you go through security. I've been slowed down and searched before because the scanners don't recognize what's in the food packages, so it's a good idea to have them out so the TSA agents can easily see what they are.