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Twitter response?

Adventurer A

Here’s something NOT regarding COVID…


Has anyone take not been getting a response from

the SW Twitter team lately?


I’ve contacted them via DM practically weekly for years and years with complaints (minor and major, broad and specific) and kudos/Kicktails, they’ve helped with rebooks and vouchers, and I’ve always found them supremely responsive and helpful and friendly, even when I am agitated, haha. I genuinely like them as people, and I wish, say, Hertz or even IHG had a similarly effective team at work to deal with the issues that inevitably arise during travel.


But I have gotten ZERO response from them the last couple weeks, not even for a DM basically asking “Bueller…Bueller……… this thing on?” 

Anyone else had this issue?


Re: Twitter response?

Aviator A

While I haven't contacted Southwest via Twitter recently, I agree they were previously very quick to respond.  Numerous posts here in the community over the past couple of months have mentioned the response time being much longer than before and some inquires not being responded to.  There was even mention of an automated response saying messages might be delayed.  So, in summary, it's not just you.

It does appear the good days of Twitter messaging may be over or at least on-hold for the time being.  Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you may have better luck trying the live chat function in the Southwest app (if it's available to you), writing a message through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, or the dreaded wait on hold for who knows how long and actually speak to someone.


Good luck!


Re: Twitter response?

Aviator A

Their response times have been slower ever since the spring of 2021 in my personal experience. Normally they are very quick to respond, but lately, I get an automated message and I have to try a little harder to get a real response now. What I do after I DM is I will tweet Southwest saying I have left a DM, and that helps me get a response from someone. 


An as aside: I was sad when I noticed that Twitter stopped following people 😄 They only follow 1 account now: Gary Kelly. 



Re: Twitter response?

Aviator A

You complained to them weekly? Maybe you were put on a naughty list 😜

you can always try sending a message though the website or call customer relations for assistance. 

I contacted them a few days  ago and had a response in less than 10min.