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USB/Phone chargers in flight

New Arrival

I travel Southwest often for work, but I have to admit I avoid booking Southwest for long or personal travel. The reason why is because of a lack of device chargers. Jetblue and Air Alaska have them installed at the seats, and admittedly, I book them whenever I can because of it.


In flight Wifi improvements would be great, but what use are they if my phone or laptop is dying mid-flight? Additionally, I always have to make sure my phone is at last 50% when I get off the plane because I'll need to snag an Uber/Lyft when I arrive.


I hope Southwest considers installing chargers. It would be a great improvement, and would definitely sway my decisions when booking coast to coast flights or personal travel accomodations.




Re: USB/Phone chargers in flight

Top Contributor

This is often requested, but it's not going to happen. Southwest has said repeatedly that the extra weight this would add to each plane would increase fuel usage and therefore reduce profits. They spent millions retrofitting their entire fleet a few years ago to the "Evolve" interior, and that would have been the time to add this if they wanted. Instead, they added an extra row of seats, which reduced legroom but gave them 6 more seats to sell.


There are many different portable battery USB chargers available that can help your situation.