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Un-Professional Flight Attendant

Explorer C

Dear Southwest,


I wanted your company to know about the experience I had yesterday on my flight from Las Vegas to Sacramento, flight #5255. In all my travelings abroad and at home, I cannot think of another occassion where the lead stewardess was as unprofessional, as the one who was assigned to the flight I took yesterday. I did not write down verbatin what she said while on the microphone, but it was unprofessional, rude and shocking to believe that your company would employ someone like this. I hope your company has the ability to record what was said to the passengers on this flight and that someone takes the time to listen and review what was said to the passengers on this flight. The flight attendants for this flight, comprised a group of three. A male and two females. The lead attendant was a woman and her behavior was embarassing to herself and to your company. I understand the difficulties of being a flight attendant, but the passengers on flight #5255, were well behaved and no way responsible for what we had to endure from this flight attendant. Her behavior was over the top and this attendant should not be allowed to use the radio address system until she can undergo training and demonstrate how to be professional. I have practiced law in the State of California for over thirty years and I am admitted to both Federal and State courts. If I ever engaged in the behavior that the passengers had to endure yesterday, I would be reprimanded and having to explain myself to the State Bar. This flight attendants behavior was shocking and I hope that someone takes the time to research who this flight attendant was, because if I ever experience similar behavior in the future from any employee of your company, I will choose to no longer to do business with your company. 


Re: Un-Professional Flight Attendant

Aviator C

Sigh.... amen? 

Re: Un-Professional Flight Attendant

Aviator A

Well, you spent a whole lot of words telling everyone that there was a problem. Then you said you did not write down what was said.


But you never told anyone exactly what the problem was.


In your finest legalese give us a synopsis of the situation. 

Re: Un-Professional Flight Attendant

Aviator A

This is a customer to customer forum. You are welcome to submit your comments directly to Southwest

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Re: Un-Professional Flight Attendant

Frequent Flyer B

Focus on the 99% fun of your vacation airplaneless