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Explorer C

Worst airline Ever! if you trying to be on time this is not the airline for you! My flight was supposed to depart at 11:30am and now is showing 5pm! They do not offered refund, they do not have any compensation, they just say thanks for waiting like that will fixed my problem. As a Professional Dancer I can NOT TRUST this airline! Because now I will not be able to do my show, and they will no be responsable for it. Definitely do your self a favor and DO NOT BOOK THIS AIRLINE YOU WILL REGRET IT Flight #1402 Chicago - Dallas



Frequent Flyer A

I'm sorry that you had a significant delay.  We all have had that happen to us at one time or another.  But by making such a blanket statement by calling SWA "the worst airline ever," your credibility and your understanding of the situation is called into question.


If you are truly a professional dancer, then surely you would know that you would never fly to your performance venue the day of a performance.  Flight delays happen all the time...on all airlines.  Professional dancers know this and plan accordingly. 


My daughter is a dancer out of NYC and has traveled both domestically and internationally for over a decade.  She always arrives at the venue at least two to three days beforehand for tech and dress rehearsals...and so she can be rested for the performances.  Were you performing tonight without a warm-up class and on a stage that you hadn't yet blocked?  


Whenever my flight on SWA has had a controllable delay over 3 hours (not delayed for weather-related or non-controllable reasons), I have always been proactively offered a meal voucher and a travel voucher (not cash compensation) for the inconvenience.  You need to know your rights as a consumer and approach the situation calmly.  Based on your rant, I'm guessing that you didn't receive vouchers because the delay was not within SWA's no compensation.  This is pretty common among all the airlines.


You can learn about your rights on the U.S. Department of Transportation's website:


It looks like you're departing in 10 minutes.  Have a safe flight.


Aviator A

I’m currently in Chicago there is weather here. Weather is not something the airline can control. 

you should always fly in a day before an event doesn’t matter what airline you take delays happen. You should not expect to be at an event a few hours after you land, where any slight delay will mess up your whole day. 

Since your flight is delayed, you are entitled to a refund. You just have to request it or move to a different flight Free of charge. But you don’t get to take the flight and get a refund. 


Aviator C

Here is the current status of Flight 1402:


The assigned plane is N8323c:


According to the tracker, the plane for Flight 1402 left Fort Myers airport early in the afternoon local time but was turned around upon approaching the Chicago area and was therefore diverted and landed at IND for a few hours (assuming the reason was due to severe weather passing through Chicago according local weather reports). Thus, the excessive delay.