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What experiences have you had flying Southwest?

Explorer C

I only fly Southwest if I can. I'm based in Phoenix and love that Southwest has direct flights to so many places from here. Love the 2 free bags. I actually like their boarding process, as it has become a game to me to see how fast I can click in. If I am delayed, I have found out through my own experience that it is usually the airport and not really the airline that causes delays, example: If I'm flying to San Francisco, I always prefer OAK over SFO. One good story about a delay was a flight from Denver to Phoenix about a year ago. We boarded the plane, they informed us that there was a mechanical problem with the plane and we all had to deplane. They then announced that they had found us another plane. We boarded that one and took off about an hour after we should have. I wake up the next morning and I received an Email with a $100 travel voucher for the mishap and an apology for the plane. It was awesome.


Re: What experiences have you had flying Southwest?

Aviator A

I'm glad to hear of your good experience.


Southwest normally treats it's passengers well. Every airline occasionally does things that are not passenger friendly, yeah Southwest too, but it seems that Southwest does these things   less  frequently than other airlines - at least IMO.